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List by Diagnosis

Acromioclavicular ligament tear
Acute appendicitis
Acute cholecystitis
Acute diverticulitis
Acute right MCA stroke
Aortic aneurysm
Appendicolith causing acute appendicitis
Avascular testis in inguinal canal
Bilateral subdural hematomas and parenchymal bleed
Bones overview
Bowel obstruction - overview
Buckle fracture base of 4th phalanx
Calcifications overview
Calcified Granuloma
Calcified lymph nodes
Cecal diverticulitis
Cecal volvulus
Central line misplacement
Clavicular Bayonette fracture
Coin in esophagus
Colonic Pseudoobstruction
Colonic interposition
Comminuted intertrochanteric fracture
Corpak feeding tube
CrohnÆs flare causing small bowel obstruction
Diaphragmatic eventration
Dislocated left hip prosthesis
Distal fibular fracture
Distal radius and ulnar head fracture
Distal radius and ulnar styloid fracture
Distal tibial and fibular fracture
ET tube and central line misplacement
ET tube misplacement
Endotracheal tube and central line placement
Fracture healing process
Free intraabdominal air
Free intraabdominal air - overview
Freiberg infraction
Hiatal hernia
Incidental pulmonary embolus on abdominal CT
Intraarticular corner fracture
Kinked VP shunt
LUQ mass
Large Pneumothorax
Large bowel obstruction
Large intra- and extraperitoneal hemorrhage
Large pneumothorax
Left PCA infarct
Left and right lower lobe pneumonia
Left mass effect
Lines and tubes - overview
Lung cancer
Mass effect overview
Mild CHF
Misplaced PICC
Misplaced feeding tube
Misplacement of feeding tube (in hiatal hernia)
Moderate CHF
Nephrolithiasis difficult to see
Normal Chest
Normal KUB and IVP
Nutty patient
Obstructing UPJ stone
Obstructing UVJ stone
Obstructing abdominal hernia
Obstructive lung disease
Parrtial testicular infarct
Patellar tendon rupture
Pathological spiral femur fracture
Pelvic phlebolith
Pelvic phleboliths
Pleural effusion
Pneumatosis and portal venous gas
Pneumoperitoneum mimicker
Pneumoperitoneum with Rigler's sign
Posterior shoulder dislocation
Proper technique important!
RUQ mass
Renal stone
Rib fracture
Right hydrosalpinx and uterine fibroids
Right middle lobe pneumonia
SBO with free intraabdominal air
Serial rib fractures with hemopneumothorax
Severe CHF
Severe CHF (Batwing sign) & correct central line placement
Shower of pulmonary emboli
Small bowel obstruction
Small costophrenic pneumothorax
Small pneumothorax
Spondylolysis with spondylolysthesis
Staghorn calculus
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Tonsillar abscess
Urolithiasis causing hydronephrosis
Uterine fibroids
Vertebral compression fracture
Volume loss
brain edema
cerebral vasospasm
incidental lung adenocarcinoma
right atrial thrombus
subdural bleed

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